Comparison of a Weider Crossbow & a Bowflex

by happyc | May 27, 2018

Let’s first consider what the differences might be in terms of cost, size of the machine, difficulty in setting the machine up, exercise ability of the machine.

Each January as the New Year begins most people make resolutions to make the new year, the best most awesome. The wishes that are made are changes in habits and lifestyles.

To a loose weight and gain muscles and strengthen the inner core of their body. To have better endurance and strength and ability, to have more energy.

So how does one go about keeping these resolutions and for the goal and end results?

A person must be consistent with their efforts and be accountable for this to happen.

Losing weight and gaining strength and endurance, is actually as simple as a math formula.

For weight loss it is the ratio of the amount you eat and the amount of exercise, that is the secret. The second is be consistent with both for it to work.

Monday is already the middle of the month, how many people are already starting to lose motivation?

So now let’s look at the costs of both machines, Since I have no idea I will take a look and do some research on that.

The Weider crossbow costs new $700 US plus $150 shipping brand new!

On Ebay they were selling used from $125 to $250 plus shipping about the same cost of shipping. On Amazon about the same costs for new and a wide range of price on a used model.

On Amazon, the price for the Bowflex was a substantial increase in price for the layout of money. The Bowflex will set you back $800 to $1500 plus shipping. Used home gyms were approximately $350 to $400 plus shipping, the costs were the same about $100 to $ 150.

So that might be one of the deciding factors in which home gym you might buy is your disposable cash. Price is often a factor on what you will pay for the item and second the amount of money you have?

The next comparison we will look at is the size of each machine and the space needed to keep these machines set up. That would be a factor I would be considering. First, do you have the room for one of these machines? Second are they able to be stored in a small space? Again depends on where you live if you decide to purchase one.

You will see on a video the before and after and feel on an impulse buy , this is what I need to transform and make over the new me without really thinking this through.

Also if you live in an apartment is this machine the weight going to cause a problem? Second I would think is setting it up and third the ability to disassemble the product.

The unit is

76″ wide 7 ft deep. That’s the minimum space u need and everything can function, so basic my home office with everything removed would house the home gym without a problem.

For the Bowflex.

The shipping weight is 180 pounds so if you have to pick it up and transport it to your home either product you will need assistance.

The Weider home gym is 65L x 37W x 76H inches and is 7 ft deep so both machines are about the same height and width.

To make my decision of both units since I have never owned a home gym, I do have an easy glider but that is another story. To make my own decision to be objective about both machines. I decided to go and read the reviews of both machines, as I feel the consumer is the best judge of products. Taking into account all of the reviews here was a survey of what I found.

I found in 132 reviews that the opinions varied for both machines, so it is

Like any review, you take into account who has written it.

I am reviewing first the home Weider gym and found the following.

In all reviews, the machine was very difficult to put together several stating it at four to six hours of frustrating work and in the end several hired a handy person to come to their rescue.

The customer service was not the best an second waiting for the item to come by courier and then lugging it into their home , another story.

The product received many bad reviews due the assembly and lack of instruction ability to put it together.

The Bowflex home gym received the following testimonials are the following, it was easier to put together and was given high marks in this regard. Many of the complaints were the size of the machine it did not fit into the home and created a hassle in this regards. Both the height and the width of the machine that it took up in the home.

As far as exercises and abilities of both machines they received good reviews on the ease of use of the machine, It was noted that depending on your height it might cause a problem.

Also, it was noted that the cables were becoming detached and unable to use after a short length of time after purchasing the machine.

Both machines were given positive reviews in the ability to use the machines and tone and strengthen the body. The Weider home gym offered the ability to use weights and bench press that is not offered with the Bowflex.

The Bowflex though offered a good body workout, so it might be a deciding point if lifting weights is something that you want to do.

In conclusion, I feel that both machines offer a person if used on a regular basis the ability to strengthen and improve body fitness. Before buying either of the machines I would check out a home fitness studio and see and be instructed on the proper use of either of the machines. Injuries can occur if not used properly.