Health Benefits of Marijuana – Can Medical Cannabis be an Alternative to Major Pharmaceutical Drugs?

by happyc | May 29, 2018

The marijuana plant is always a big nemesis for the Pharmaceutical industry because they have a knowledge on how potent cannabis can truly be if taken properly. In fact, a recent study revealed that a lot of people are using medical marijuana instead of prescription medications, alcohol, and illicit drugs. In a separate study, more than 80% of the respondents shared that they stopped using other substances for marijuana.

This result was a big shocker to multi-billion dollar Pharmaceutical companies such as Astra Zeneca and Pfizer to name a few. With the popularity of medical cannabis, billions will be taken away from these companies. Today, we will provide you a quick list of drugs where medical cannabis can be a great alternative. Prepare to be shocked!

Painkiller drugs such as Vicodin

Studies have already proven that marijuana could greatly reduce one’s pain and that it is the safer option than pills like Vicodin. Take note that Vicodin can be very addictive and has a lot of unwanted side effects. In addition, medical marijuana is believed to make your pain more bearable.

Did you know that more than 40 Americans die every day due to painkiller overdose? Now, would you still want to take it?

Anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax

Nowadays, a lot of people cure their anxiety with medical marijuana. This is even recommended for people with manifestations of paranoia.

Sleep Aid medications such as Ambien

A lot of studies reveal that sleep aids are not good long-term. However, there is good news! Apart from regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, medical marijuana is one of the excellent ways to stimulate a good night sleep naturally. It is already believed that medical marijuana is an effective treatment for insomnia and is better than Ambien.

Antidepressants such as Zoloft

Recent studies revealed that medical marijuana is effective for individuals who are suffering from severe depression.

Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

You might wonder why cannabis has a lot of health benefits? Here are the top reasons why:

Stops Cancer

Did you know that medical cannabis can even prevent the spread of cancer cells? According to studies, cannabis can turn off a specific gene called Id-1. If you must know, cancer cells can make more of this gene and it helps in spreading throughout the body.

Treats Glaucoma

Marijuana is said to cure glaucoma, an eye disease that damages the optic nerves and can lead to loss of vision. Based on research, this controversial treatment can decrease the pressure within the eyes.

Eliminates Nightmares

If you are having bad dreams, then using medical cannabis might be the answer. This can interrupt REM sleep where many of these nightmares occur. However, too much use may provide a different effect.

Eases Multiple Sclerosis

A study was conducted among people with contractions in their muscles. After days of smoking marijuana, their condition became a whole lot better.

Helps Alcoholic

If you know someone who would like to cut their alcohol intake, medical cannabis might be their answered prayer. Of course, we are not saying that this is risk-free. However, this is less addictive and does not lead to physical damages.

Controls Epileptic Seizures

A marijuana extract was provided to epileptic rats and the results were outstanding. It is said that it can control excitability and can regulate relaxation.

Stops the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical cannabis is also recommended for people with Alzheimer’s disease. It was found out that an active chemical found in marijuana can slow down the formation of amyloid plaques. These are the plaques that can kill the brain cells.

Protects Brain After a Stroke

According to a study, medical cannabis can protect one’s brain from damages due to stroke. Other studies prove that marijuana is also beneficial for people who suffered traumatic events such as concussions.

Improves Lung Health

Medical cannabis can improve one’s lung health. This is different from the common misconception that it can impair the lung function. There was a study conducted between tobacco users and medical cannabis users. It was found out that those who are using marijuana have better lung capacity.

Treats Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Those who are suffering from ulcerative colitis can benefit from using medical cannabis. This has been proven by a number of scientific studies.

Helps in Managing Healthy Weight

It was found out that people who are taking medical cannabis have a faster metabolism. Plus, they have a better response to sugar.

Lessens Side Effects from Treating Hepatitis C

If you must know, treating hepatitis C can be harsh. In fact, it can bring negative side effects such as loss of appetite and even depression. With marijuana, these side effects can be eliminated while ensuring that the treatment is effectively killing the infection.

Improves the Symptoms of Lupus

Medical cannabis is also the solution for people with Lupus, an autoimmune disorder. Some chemical found in marijuana is said to have a calming effect on one’s immune system.

Relieves Discomfort from Arthritis

By now you know that marijuana can prevent pain and can regulate sleep. Thus, this is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis.

Decreases Anxiety

As we’ve mentioned earlier, medical cannabis can stop one from having anxiety attacks. This can act as a sedative when taken in low dosages. Overdosing might cause one to be paranoid so you have to be very careful.

Helps People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Did you know that marijuana is already an approved treatment for PTSD in few states? Medical cannabis can regulate the system which may cause anxiety and fear.


Even with all the health benefits from medical cannabis, there is a strong need for people to be educated on its proper use. Too much usage may lead to dependency. This will mess up with your emotions and memory functions too. Below are some symptoms of medical cannabis addiction:

  • loss of control
  • dry mouth
  • hunger
  • bloodshot eyes
  • poor coordination
  • speedy heartbeat
  • difficulty in problem-solving

When you think someone is having an addiction, it is time to get professional help