homemade drill press

by happycandles | April 5, 2018

For do-it-yourselfers, a drill is indispensable. But it is also an advantage for every household when there is a drill, because it is very useful for the small repairs. What’s even better is a bench drill. This machine has proven to be a small all-rounder in practice. A bench drill is universally applicable, no matter if drilling, milling, countersinking or reaming, whereby different materials are no obstacle. The bench drill can of course be found at every DIY store. However, the price-performance ratio depends on the quality and can vary greatly. The best solution to avoid spending so much money on a bench drill is to build it yourself. But how can you do that?

Build your own drilling machine – what do you need?
First you need wood glue, water and sawdust. The dimensions are approx. 0.8 x 6.5 mm x 40 mm. The oil for the worktops must of course also be available. You need a piece of each of the materials mentioned. A piece of squared timber, preferably spruce with dimensions 65 x 45 x 220 cm, is also required. You need flat steel, St 37 with dimensions 30 x 4 x 130 mm, as well as four hexagonal screws made of steel with dimensions 8 x 70. wood glue and seven Spax screws made of steel with dimensions 5 x 50 mm countersunk head are also needed. Of course, folding rule and pencil are also used for measuring.

The building instructions
The first thing you have to build, of course, is the table. It is important that the table is stable and does not wobble, as it may sometimes happen at work that you kick the table leg. The crossbar can be used for the legs. Measure, cut and fix the legs to the plate with tongue and grooves. This is then glued together to ensure stability. Holes are also drilled for this purpose, where the screws are additionally fastened. What is also important to note during construction is that chips accumulate under the base plate when operating the bench drill. Therefore, the bench drill must be unscrewed from time to time. You have to fiddle too much with the washers. A solution to make yourself lighter is quite simple. You can cut 30 mm long pieces of 30 x 4 flat steel and cut M8 threads in the middle of them. Next, pre-drill with 6.4 or 6.5 mm and cut the thread. The positions of the holes for mounting the bench drill are then marked and holes are then drilled. It is important to drill from both sides so that it does not break out of the chipboard when the drill emerges.

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