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Home Remedies & Natural Treatment for Gingivitis: What Works?

by Isabel | May 29, 2018

Don’t you find it amazing that some foods are so potent, they can heal many diseases effectively, without subjecting the person to dangerous adverse effects that most drugs can cause? And isn’t it more amazing that all it would take is just to add some readily available food to your regular diet, and you can already enjoy a whole lot of health benefits?

Modern science, in recent decades, has discovered a great number of benefits of turmeric. It was discovered to be extra potent in preventing and healing some health conditions. A couple of studies have discovered the potential of turmeric in promoting good oral health, preventing and resolving oral problems such as oral cancer, gingivitis, and many others.

The health uses of turmeric are astounding. Several types of research have pointed out the ability of turmeric to prevent and treat cancer of the oral cavity. Current studies are pointing towards turmeric’s ability to undo oral precancerous changes. According to GreenMedInfo, a lot of studies have reached the conclusion that turmeric can effectively cause oral cancer cell apoptosis. According to recent research, nanoparticles filled with turmeric extract could kill oral cancer tumors that chemotherapy treatments were not able to kill.

Though more popular as a curry spice, turmeric’s versatility makes it an ingredient that can be easily added to a great number of meals, including fish and egg dishes, salads, as well as smoothies. Moreover, other studies were able to conclude that the longer you keep turmeric in your mouth, the more health benefits are made available to you.

In the past year, a study published in the Journal of Indian Society and Periodontology was able to reach the conclusion that turmeric might be more effective in treating gingivitis compared to the usual mouth wash.

What is gingivitis? It is a gum disease characterized by inflamed and bleeding gums, as well as bad breath. When left to itself, it could cause more serious gum diseases. The most common treatment for gingivitis prescribed by dentists would be to gargle mouthwash that has chlorhexidine. And although very uncommon, this specific ingredient can cause severe, and potentially life-threating allergic reactions in rare cases.

In the study, the subjects were asked to rinse their mouth using either a 0.1% turmeric extract mouthwash or a 0.2% chlorhexidine mouthwash two times daily. And although the chlorhexidine mouthwash was two times more potent compared to the turmeric extract mouthwash, the turmeric solution surpassed the performance of the chlorhexidine solution on all three evaluation measures. The turmeric mouthwash has able to reduce symptoms of gingivitis, decrease bacterial activity, and reduce plaque more effectively compared to the traditional type of mouthwash.

Despite the glaring difference in the results, many conservative researchers published the conclusion that there are no differences in the potency and performance of turmeric mouthwash and traditional mouthwash when it comes to their anti-microbial, antiplaque, and anti-inflammatory performances.

Despite their conclusion, if you base your decision on numbers, it is self-evident that turmeric truly outperforms the traditional solution. Add to this the other benefits of this bright yellow spice, and you can enjoy so much more benefits when you swallow the solution after using it as a mouth rinse.