What is the ABC Diet?

by happyc | May 29, 2018

As it turns to be the era of junk food. No foodie can resist those mouth watering food. We tend to forget what effect it has on our health turning out to be adding extra chunk of flabs in our body. So it is really important to take care of our health, as extra added calories in our body can be fatal resulting in various diseases.
ABC Diet as first developed by Robert S. Wieder in a satire way in the response for all the other fad diets people rely on. It usually included the food groups starting from A,B and C.
ABC Diet Plan:
Among all the other kinds of excercises and diets in this small world. There also exists ABC Diet (Which knows how to trick our body to get rid of some extra pounds of fats). ABC Diet helps to increase the metabolic rate of our digestive system hence resulting into loosing those extra pounds.
Although ABC diet does not provide the nutrition which is required to stay healthy but the results are great. It’s always good to consult your Doctor first before taking any step.
ABC Diet is also ANA BOOT CAMP Diet, this diet became popular by internet forum. ABC is usually for people who thinks anorexia (lack of appetite) is good for health, which will ultimately lead to improving metabolic rate by starving oneself and instead fats will be converted to energy which will be used by body for its bodily functions when the person is starving and leading to weightloss.
It all started with a camp, where people used to gather for some serious physical workouts and it was more disciplined with rules, more like a soldier camp. Any ways such camps are not held now, but people still follow the diet plan.
It all depends on the metabolism. The good the metabolism of your digestive system the more calories it will burn. But, here, in this diet plan we have other plans to consider. We are allowed to take any food group but the amount of calorie is restricted, which needs to be followed according to a proper diet plan.
As it says meanwhile when the body is starving you will be allowed to take calories ranging from 100-800, and it is a 50 day schedule diet plan. Calories would be ranging from 100- 200 to 400-500 simultaneously, so that, the body is not continuously starved (which might lead to severe health issues).
Neverthless nothing is more important in this world than a good health. So never try any such diet plan which promotes anorexia, as anorxia can be fatal and it could have a severe effect on your health internally as well as externally. Bone problems, blood pressure, heart diseases, digestive disorders, skins problems, are some of the disorders which can occur due to anorexia.

Anorexia can be fatal and lead to various illness. And also we are humans which need basic proper diet to work our MACHINES. Never go for any diet plan which asks you to strave yourself, that can be tricky the sooner you loose weight by starving the sooner you will gain it back. The best part to stay healthy and fit is to have a proper diet plan, have meals which covers all the food groups have a cheat day in 15 days or a month, by doing so it will not lead you to cravings and also all the food groups will be covered which will provide all the necessary nutrients to your body and the most important thing is WORKOUT. Exercise helps your body to be fit and fine.
ABC Diet can also do good to your body if you follow it properly.
Few More Suggetions…
• Start taking for upto 400-500 calories per day then come down to 300 on the third day
• Decrease the calorie intake and then go to 500 calories per day, which will save your body from straving and on the other hand the stored fats in your body will also be used and converted.
• The less you eat the more time liver gets to function and eliminate the fats and toxins stored.
Is ABC Diet Safe:
Many professionals and dieticians share different views on the same context.
The results of this diet are very fast and effective but so are the effects on the physical and mental health. This diet promotes anorexia which teaches you to take less calories and lose weight which can also make a person cranky and mentally disturbed. Although this diet plan shows a drastic change in the weight of a person but still a sudden change is not good if we go for a long term. The diet consists of specific calorie intake on each day of 50 days diet plan as all the details are mentioned above. It also has certain fasting days.

• Do stop running or jogging for atleast 30 mins daily.
• Avoid junk foods.
• Go for sugar free and fat free products.
• Avoid canned juices rather prefer fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
• Walk for atleast 10 mins after every meal.
• Take heavy breakfast, mild lunch and very low calorie dinner.
• Drink lukewarm water (with lemon and mint optional).
• Take body spa /massages, as it helps in blood circulation though out the body hence improving metabolism.
So, Here you go… Eat Healthy and Exercise… Stay Fit!!!